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Question: Do sugar gliders bite?
Answer: Yes, any animal with a jaw can and will bite.

"Picture of Peppermint, showing off her teaffers, picture provided by Nicole Baumer of Natural Glider"

Gliders we've worked with generally do one of three types of bites. The most common is a small pinching bite generally applied to a finger looking for snacks or testing for reaction. These bites never break skin but will sting for a while. Pulling away, jerking or showing a negative reaction can result in this becoming a regular behavior and is not recommended.
The second type of bite is when a small puncture occurs from the bottom two teeth that are developed to remove tree bark in the wild. This bite should be cleaned out and again we recommend not jerking or pulling away as it can make the situation worse for both glider and human.
The worse bite we've seen only occurs if a glider is threatened and fearful for it's own well being. This bite is when the glider imbeds it's teeth into you and locks it's jaw. When this occurs it is very dangerous to both human and glider. If this bite occurs we highly recommend a thorough cleaning of the injury and watching for redness, swelling or abnormal drainage at which time see a doctor.

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